Kidney Mass and Kidney Pain

Kidney Mass and Kidney PainKidney mass and kidney pain is normally a dull flank pain while kidney stones have an intense radiating flank pain. A person who has developed a kidney mass may feel pain in his or her back or flank side, which is the side area on the back between the hip and the last rib. Depending on the size and location of the kidney mass, and the underlying kidney pain cause, a person may also have abdominal pain or stomach pain.

Kidney mass and kidney pain can come at different intensity levels and arise in different parts of the body. A patient may feel back pain right side, back pain left side, lower right back pain, or lower left back pain. Certain people feel middle back pain while others feel kidney side pain. For some people they feel a sharp kidney pain or severe kidney pain while others may experience a dull kidney pain.

Kidney back pain is usually the indication of a kidney infection or kidney stones. A patient who is suffering with kidney stone pain can experience such intense pain that it makes it difficult to move. On a scale from one to ten, often this pain can register off the charts. If the pain coincides with other kidney symptoms, such as fever, weight loss, or blood in urine, a more serious condition such as renal cell carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer, may be present.

Kidney pain causes are numerous. However, what might be thought of as kidney pain could also be associated with back or muscular problems. It could be that a person was involved in an accident and experienced trauma to their kidney region. A person with weak back muscles or spinal problems may have a chronic sore back that could be misconstrued as kidney pain. You might ask what is the reason for the pain or where is kidney pain coming from. No matter the answers, it’s important to take notes about the kidney pain location as well as the kidney pain symptoms, especially the intensity and duration of the pain, so that a doctor can order appropriate tests and perform necessary procedures to best determine the cause of the pain.

Kidney mass and kidney pain could be warning signs for serious kidney problems, such as kidney infections, kidney failure, kidney stones, or kidney cancer. If you feel a lump in your side or back, or are having unusual and continuous kidney pain, you should be checked right away by a doctor to determine the cause of the discomfort. Getting a proper diagnosis is imperative to begin necessary and relevant kidney pain treatment (such as medicine, therapy, or surgery) as early as possible.


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